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Own your value

1:1 Coaching Programme

'Walk into the office' FEELING like that competent professional you are!

Hey, I heard you are a smart, hard-working professional, who always over-delivers. You landed in a new job, have been promoted, or want to level up, and you are starting to have a confidence crisis.


You are asking yourself:

  • What if I will not live up to their expectations?

  • What if I don't have what it takes?

  • Is this the right move?

  • Why can I not speak up with confidence like others?

You want out of the overwhelm.

you want to share your ideas freely.

you want to feel confident and in control.

You want to feel relaxed and happy about yourself.

you are not alone

Hi, I’m Lenka and I help ambitious professionals like you master career transitions with confidence by discovering their inner power and getting on their own side.

I’ve worked with professionals, who struggled with:

  • overthinking and negative self-talk

  • extremely high expectations of themselves

  • people-pleasing

  • fear of judgment, the list goes on. 

I helped them discover their power, see another perspective to their situation and bring more self-compassion into their life. They started to feel calmer, more centered, and confident in their abilities. They started to put themselves out there, take more risks, and became more visible. Most importantly, they realized that whatever happens, they are there for themselves. 

That is what lights me up: I am here to help you get out of your confidence crisis, discover your value and feel great in a way that is uniquely best for you. This is why I created this 'Own Your Value' programme. 

In my life, I went through many career transitions, which in addition happened in different countries. I often felt 'out of place', worried about not measuring up, and stuck in shyness. I managed to succeed in my jobs and performed well, but on the inside, I felt insecure and not good enough. 


With strong self-doubt, it was hard for me to speak up in meetings with confidence, as I felt that I didn’t know enough to contribute or I worried that I would say something stupid and others would think I did not belong there. I was putting a lot of pressure on myself, I wanted to be great right from the start and so I constantly pushed myself to do more and do 'better'. I felt overwhelmed with little time or energy for myself at the end of the day.


So, I totally understand where you are and I can help you out. 


What my clients say


I struggled with low confidence, not daring to speak up, feeling stressed and overwhelmed. 

The coaching with Lenka was very beneficial and I learned a lot. I really benefited from having pragmatic and clearly defined actions to help me drive real change. It turned it from a theoretical exercise into a true mindset shift. I now take time every evening to reflect on the day and to feel good about some aspects of my day. 


I am more confident and more relaxed, better equipped to handle challenges and more compassionate with myself. 

I would absolutely recommend working with Lenka for her very pleasant personality, high sensitivity, very supportive and encouraging approach, combined with very effective coaching. 

The Netherlands

I thought the sessions were really great!! 

I struggled with perfectionism, being afraid of making mistakes, dealing with feedback, speaking up in meetings or to my manager.


I feel more confident, take things lighter and it is easier now to shake things off that happen at work - getting (negative) feedback, having a discussion with my boss or not letting go of things that I feel I still need to finish. By observing my thoughts and treating them differently, I feel happier and more light-hearted than I did before.


Thanks to the coaching sessions with Lenka, I started to realise that working in a new team, I shouldn’t see others as competition but rather focus on working together and accomplishing things together. It is easier for me to communicate within the team and I am less afraid of making mistakes.


I struggled with lack of confidence, self-discipline, efficiency and procrastination. 

I gained valuable insight into what triggers some of my actions and reactions, that I probably wouldn't have discovered otherwise.  

I am more aware how even small changes in my routine influence my day and my mindset. I have realised that relaxation is necessary to balance out hard work and extensive thinking. 

I am more aware of my schedule, habits and behavioural patters and where they stem from. I feel an increase in confidence and self-trust to handle things, also a decrease in looking at the opinion of others. 

I would recommend working with Lenka for her friendly, empathetic and professional approach. 

You've already invested time in learning about the job content, preparing well for each meeting, trying to 'act' confident despite feeling scared. BUT it is very time consuming and it does not translate into you feeling good about yourself. Now, you are wondering if you need a career coach, but you are hesitant, because shouldn’t you know how to help yourself first?

Let's be honest. Doing this kind of work on yourself is not easy. Even, I as a coach seak out a help of other coaches when I hit an area that I cannot self-coach on. 


You may be thinking - "I don't have time for this, as I have so much 'on my plate', I already now feel like I am always behind on work." Listening to that little voice that says “You need to take time for yourself! Give yourself a break! TAKE CARE OF YOU!” requires a certain amount of quiet time.


You haven’t been able to make that time (that is btw. one of the things we will work on together), so that you can start feeling more calm, focused and happy about yourself. 

The 1:1 programme PACKAGES

Modern Workspace
Coaching package:

Coaching sessions

  • 6 x 60 minutes coaching session - we will dive into the obstacles standing in your way and set out an action plan to move you forward. On weekly or bi-weekly basis.

  • Written summary of key insights and action plan after each coaching session. 

Additional services

  • Positive Intelligence Assessment - we will uncover your strongest saboteurs

  • Email or WhatsApp support between the sessions

  • Tailored resources to support your transformation journey

Your estimated time commitment: max. 2 hours per week


Coaching sessions + Additional services (see above)


Insights Discovery Model package

  • Personalised Insights Discovery personality profile

  • 1 x 90 minutes session - we will go through the Insights Discovery model and your profile and combine it with coaching around its application in your specific situation

  • Additional Insights Discovery materials - relevant for your specific situation

Your estimated time commitment: max. 2 hours per week


    •    1-month after-care (email or WhatsApp) support

    •    60 minutes follow-up coaching session (within 2 months after our work together)

If this sounds like a programme you need, book a consultation call with me. We will get to know each other and if it is a fit, we will get you signed up.

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