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6 ways you may be sabotaging yourself at work and how to stop

Have you come across the term ‘self-sabotage’? Or have you even notice yourself doing it? Self-sabotage is a specific thought pattern that prevents us from getting, doing, or having what we want.

Below, I am diving into 6 different ways you may be sabotaging yourself without even knowing it, and I provide quick mindset shifts tips on how to stop.

6 different ways you may self-sabotage

1. Perfectionism

It can become a way you sabotage yourself if you get stuck in perfecting, over-preparing, double-checking, etc., without making progress. Essentially, it’s a delay mechanism that makes you feel very busy without making progress.

Mindset shift phrases to get out of this pattern: Done is better than perfect. Good enough is good enough. Start with 80% and tweak it later.

2. Putting too much pressure on yourself to achieve

You may feel the urge to constantly achieve and be productive. If you, for example, had an unproductive day, or couldn’t do much, you may feel unsatisfied at the end of the day. You may know it as a kind of unrest in your mind - always thinking about the next thing you want / need to do and never really staying in the present moment or enjoying your achievements.

Mindset shift phrases to get out of this pattern: Being is more important than doing. Protect the asset, introduce pause.

3. Being stuck in a victim mode

You feel as if others were conspiring against you. They did something that caused your suffering. You blame them for the way you feel. Since you think this way, you never really take control of the situation and try to change things. Instead, you are waiting for THE OTHERS to take the first step (usually to come to you and apologize).

Mindset shift phrases to get out of this pattern: They just did those things and did not do them TO you. I am responsible for my own feelings.

4. People Pleasing

You care too much about helping people and being a good person. It is hard for you to say ‘no’ to others or tell them if you don’t like something. You are worried that if you did, it would harm your relationship. You feel drained because you end up doing things that you may not even want to do, or have time for. You feel frustrated, tired, and resentful deep inside.

Mindset shift phrases to get out of this pattern: What others think of you says more about them than you. When you say ‘yes’ only to people you genuinely want to help, they will get the best of you.

5. Being overly worried or scared

You find a reason to worry about almost everything. You may tend to imagine the worst-case scenario or even talk yourself out of doing something important to you because you fear the worst outcome. You prefer to stay in a safe space, where, unfortunately, no growth happens.

Mindset shift phrases to get out of this pattern: There is no failure, only learning. Focus on the things within your control, your breath, or your reaction to events.

6. Self-doubt and self-criticism

You tend to have doubtful or negative thoughts about yourself regularly. They usually intensify when you are in new situations or doing something important to you. These thoughts make you feel insecure, which translates into hesitation or non-action.

Mindset shift phrases to get out of this pattern: Remember that you are the CEO of your life. Unless you start to believe in them, these negative thoughts are only thoughts and have no power over you. Stay tuned for a FREE resource, I am preparing on managing self-doubt in a new job. Follow me on Instagram for more updates.


Self-sabotage is more common than you might think. We all experience it to one degree or another. Becoming aware of these thinking patterns is the foremost step towards liberation.

The mindset shift ideas offered above suggest the first steps towards getting out of these self-sabotage behavior. If you recognize that some of these behaviors take a significant toll on your life, I want to invite you to connect. Working on these things on your own is not easy. It may take a long time and bring only partial results.

Book a FREE discovery call, and let’s talk about how I can best help you move forward into freedom.

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