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Are you in the driver's seat of your career?

Are you in charge of your career? Are you the one who is clear on what you want? The one who sets the direction for yourself?

Or do you feel that you have derailed?

The easiest way to find out where you are today is to answer this question: "How far is my ideal career from my current situation?".

Where would I like to work? What kind of working relationships would I like to have? How much money would I like to earn? How do I want to feel at work?

Maybe you feel your career is already very close to your ideal picture. If so, that's excellent; keep doing what you are doing. And maybe not. Maybe you feel that one or multiple aspects are 'off'.

Usually, people can take two routes from here:

1. Stay where they are and try to "manage" things as they go.

Try to get used to their situation, and open up. They try to convince themselves that it's not that bad, and so on the outside, they seem to be doing fine, but deep down, they remain unhappy.

2. Claim their power and take specific actions to change the area that is not working for them.

They have had enough of things not going their way. They realise that it is up to them to change things and create their own happiness. Something inside tells them they deserve more, which serves as fuel for their transformation.

If you find yourself in a situation that is not making you happy, I want to invite you to explore the concept of claiming your power back.

what is causing you to feel off?

The most significant cause is your thinking patterns. Your thoughts come from your beliefs running on autopilot, and if they are not supportive, they cause you to feel unhappy. Your thoughts create your emotions, and your feelings influence your behavior. In essence, if the results you see in your career - if you feel stuck, feel overloaded, see others getting promoted over you, you need to go back to your thoughts and examine which ones fuel this reality.

how to claim your power?

Awareness is the first step. The key is to become aware of the thoughts that make you feel unhappy, play small, or hold back. The liberating thing to know is that they have no power over you until YOU give it to them - until you start believing them.

If I use 'a car metaphor', your limiting thoughts are sitting in the driver's seat. They are at the moment steering where you go. I invite you to close your eyes, imagine yourself kicking them out of the driver's seat and taking control.

Claim to yourself: I AM THE CEO of my career! I make my own decisions. I choose what I want. Nothing else can take control over me unless I let it.

Choose new beliefs that ARE serving you and let them become your new reality. Choose affirmations such as:
  • I am confident and free to be myself.

  • My voice matters and I use it freely.

  • I am clear on what I want, and I protect my own needs.

  • I am capable, and I deserve to be successful.

Get creative with it and make your own new beliefs for your new reality. Repeat them every day and notice changes in your circumstances.

When you catch negative thoughts showing up, go back to claiming your power (either aloud or in your mind) - I am the CEO of my life. I am in the driver's seat. I determine the course of the following actions. No negative thoughts have control over me. I know these are just old thinking patterns, and I choose to let them go now.


Your reality is a result of your thoughts and beliefs. It's easy to slip into the autopilot of your thoughts. It happens daily and to all of us. Staying aware of what thoughts are running through your mind and how you feel in general is a good clue for noticing whether you are creating a career that you want.

Use the technique explained above and claim your power so often until it becomes an automatic habit, and the limiting thoughts will lose control over you.

Feel free to share it with someone who needed to hear this today.

If this resonated with you and you decided to get back in the driver's seat and create career that makes you feel happy and excited to get up to go to work in the morning, I would love to hear where you are at.

Get in touch for a FREE Discovery session or email me.

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