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Confidence is a skill - Part I.

Finding it easy to speak up in bigger groups, give engaging presentations, or assert yourself in front of more dominant colleagues can be your reality. Regardless of how long you struggled with low confidence, holding back, and not putting yourself out there - you can change. I know that you can start feeling happy with yourself, trust your intuition, and build the courage to let yourself be heard and seen. I know it because I have experienced it myself and watched many of my clients get to that stage too.

Why Confidence is a skill

I wish I knew ten years ago that confidence is a skill one can learn. I wish I knew that through applying specific strategies and tools, one can become accustomed to feeling relaxed and confident in situations that were previously causing discomfort.

I like to think of it as learning a language. At first, you cannot say much and don't understand people who speak it. But speaking becomes more natural as you continue learning new words and practicing them in different situations. What was a conscious effort at first, where you were paying attention to every word you said, how you sounded, and whether you spoke correctly, has now turned into an automated process. You speak and don't think much of how you communicate and whether it's correct. You know it works because you have practiced it over and over again.

The same goes for confidence. Once you start using specific tools regularly, you will see that speaking up in groups, saying what you think, or approaching new people becomes second nature.

how I work with my clients

I like to take a tailored approach in my coaching and focus on each client's needs. Usually, it's related to their confidence at work, being able to ask for help, speaking up in front of more senior people and groups, and sounding CONFIDENT. For that to work, we do a lot of inner work. We tap into what is the relationship the client has with themselves, what they believe to be true about themselves and others, what they need to let go of. Gaining clarity helps to design specific steps that bring them closer to their ideal outcome. Doing this inner work is not always easy, but it's worth it.

If you are NOT ready to embark on this 1:1 journey, stay tuned for my next post, where I will share specific tools and techniques to start building your confidence.

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