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How can I feel happy at work?

Job satisfaction. Happiness at work. What do these words evoke in you?

Sometimes I feel that they have become 'buzz words' with no deeper meaning.

What does feeling happy at work even mean? What does it mean to you? I don't think there is a straightforward answer, as everyone has their own definition of what makes them feel happy in their jobs.


When I looked up the official definition of happiness as such, I found that according to the Oxford Dictionary, it is:

"The state of pleasurable contentment of mind; deep pleasure in or contentment with one's circumstances."

The second part of this definition caught my attention - 'deep pleasure in or contentment with one's circumstances.' What if the circumstances in your career are not bringing pleasure and contentment? What if you feel overloaded at work, do not have enough time for your loved ones, or working relationship with your manager is totally off? What if you are concerned with the bigger picture and worry about the events happening in the world, which impacts your overall mood at work?

Looking for happiness and career satisfaction 'out there' does not work.

You can indeed feel a momentary state of joy and excitement when something good happens to you, but that usually does not last. The next thing you know, you are worried about something else on your horizon.

To unlock true happiness and awaken the joy at work, you need to go within. Happiness is a state of mind to which outside circumstances are irrelevant.

My goal here is NOT to discuss attaining happiness as a permanent state of mind. I don't think it's realistic and sustainable. But I DO want to address bringing more joy and contentment of mind into your career regardless of the outside circumstances. You can raise your energy, be the best version of yourself and be courageous enough to pursue your goals from that space.

game changer

When you feel stressed, worried, or insecure, you are most likely acting in alignment with those emotions and then seeing results in your work that are not satisfying. According to some, these are low-frequency emotions. If you want to feel better, you need to lift yourself to higher-frequency vibrations.

"What you resist persists." Carl Jung

To shift your energy, focus on gratitude. Write down a list of all things you are grateful for in your job. These can be things you have, can do, change or influence, your colleagues, people who inspire you, or an abundance of opportunities.

Set an intention to write down 15 things you are grateful for each day, either in the morning or evening. I suggest you do it for at least ten days. Pay attention to the shifts you notice in your mood, behavior, or circumstances. It's essential that you tune into that feeling of gratitude and appreciation as you write your gratitude list.

getting started

If your current work situation is far from ideal and you struggle even to get started, here is some inspiration of things that you can give gratitude for:

  • having a job and being able to provide for your family

  • your workplace, technology that makes your life easier and enables you to connect with others

  • learning opportunities that help you grow

  • colleagues that inspire and support you

  • moments of joy and laughter

  • all that you have already learned or accomplished

  • building and environment you work in

"The more grateful you are, the more 'good' there is to be grateful about." Louise Hay

Gratitude shifts your energy and generates more to be grateful for. Your grateful thoughts generate happier feelings that influence your actions and behavior, positively affecting your circumstances. With this practice, you will tune into yourself and better understand which outside circumstances bring you joy and make you 'tick'. Who knows, your elevated level of happiness that shines from within may allow you to express yourself freely, get more appreciation or even lead you to a new opportunity that aligns with your internal state of mind and spirit.

The outer circumstances always align with your inner state.


While it's impossible to feel happy all the time, you have the power to shift your energy towards more happiness. Not from outside circumstances, but rather from within, as that is the only part within your control. It all starts with becoming more aware of the current events, emotions, and thinking patterns. Once you understand those, you can make a conscious choice of what you want to focus on. The technique above is the first step towards inner happiness, satisfaction, and fulfillment in your career.

What are some ways that help you feel happy at work? What do you do to shift your energy when you feel stressed or overwhelmed? Comment below or email me.

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