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How to experience more joy in life

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

You may know the drill - juggling between creating presentations, going from meeting to meeting, working towards deadlines, making sure you know what to say, else.

Else what???

What is all this rush about? How did we get caught in living such fast lives? Where is the joy and playfulness that was so natural to us when we were kids?

Is it necessary to take life so seriously? As Elbert Hubart once said:

"Don’t take your life so seriously. You will never get out of it alive."


I am fascinated by the human brain and nature. We are so adaptable and able to get used to pretty much anything. Even a lot of pressure and stress. Even misery and unhappiness.

But is this is? Is this for what you want to settle? ‘Being OK’ with how things are because you got used to them?

I want to invite you to challenge that thought. You don’t have to put up with things you don’t like in your life. You CAN change and start experiencing more joy in your life. Have more lightness in your days and a smile on your face again.

We are all human and can slip sometimes. I am definitely ‘guilty’ of feeling stressed out or rushed from time to time. When I get caught in hundreds of things I do, I forget about things that matter to me - joy, flow, and purpose. In moments like these, I can feel stressed from running out of time or get easily irritated by small things - like the fallout of the internet connection or random urgencies I need to suddenly work on.

But to be the person I want to be, I know I need to shift my perspective and return to feeling calm and centred.


I want to share a mindset shift that helps me experience more joy and switch my mood in an instance.

It’s a question I ask myself:

"What if it’s not about performance, what if it’s about the experience?"

What if we are not expected to deliver in our lives, be perfect, always know what to say, and be always prepared? What if we are here to experience and learn from those experiences?

  • How would your life change if you started treating everything as an experience, as a practice?

  • What energy would you have when you go into those activities?

I am sure that you would feel more light, relaxed, and playful. You would not be so attached to a specific outcome because you would focus on the experience itself. You would become more present and clear in your mind. And ultimately more YOU!


Feeling stressed and rushed can feel natural if we have done it for long enough. But you can start challenging it and ask yourself if living this way makes you happy. Are you the person you want to be and bring the impact you want to create?

With the simple mindset shift technique, you can start feeling more at ease in your life and have more space in your body and mind. You can feel more joyful, happy, and be more YOU.

Share your thoughts and take away from this technique. I would love to hear what else helps you switch your mood in an instance.

If you are looking for an accountability partner or want to take this further, feel free to reach out and book a FREE discovery call.

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