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What is Personal Leadership and why does it matter

A few years ago, I came across the term - personal leadership, and it immediately resonated with me. It reflected everything I had been striving for as a professional and individual on my development journey.

Personal leadership is based on the idea that everyone is a leader. I believe that there are many different interpretations of personal leadership, and I am sure that other things may come to you when YOU hear it. Read on if you are curious to explore what traits I believe represent personal leadership.

Personal leadership, to me, is the willingness to know oneself and create a profound self-awareness that drives people closer to the best version of themselves. It is the ability to navigate a career and life with a clear vision, take deliberate actions with confidence and integrity, and trust that the right opportunities will come. When they do, be able to act on them.

I have worked in international organizations in various countries and worked with many inspiring people who I believe were demonstrating personal leadership. These are the traits that I have observed in them and aspire to myself on my development journey:


they have a clear idea of where they want to go. That does not need to be a specific role or a position they aspire to get to, but rather a view of a leader, manager, or specialist they want to become. They have a goal in mind and are working towards it. The dream may change over time, but their focus on a vision they have created for themselves stays.


they can handle difficult situations with more ease. They don't panic and exaggerate. Instead, they try to see the situation for what it is and focus on opportunities that can come out of it. They realize that their job does not define them, and their self-worth stems from who they are rather than from what they do.


they trust in themselves. Even if things don't go as they planned, they know that they will be able to succeed in any new situation. They trust in life too, and that things will work out for them. They keep a positive lookout for life.


they care for other people. They want to know how others are doing and what is going on with them. They genuinely care and support them. Even in moments when they struggle themselves, they take time for others. When they speak with others, they don't listen to respond but to really hear.


they do their work the best they can even when nobody is watching. They are honest in who they are and express themselves freely in front of everyone. They are very clear on their values, and moral principles are apparent and serve as their guide.


they know their flaws and are willing to improve further. They see feedback as an opportunity to grow and recognize that they are human with flaws. Not only do they embrace feedback, they actively seek it from others.


they don't beat themselves up over things they did not do well. They recognize that being in a job is life-long learning, and everyone is bound to make mistakes or mess up. They are there for themselves and take time to process their falls. From each of them, they become stronger.

I would love to hear from you, send me an email on:

  • Which traits can you recognize in yourself?

  • Which ones are you working on?

  • What is your definition of personal leadership?

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