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I would describe myself as quiet. Intuitive. A helper. I listen more than I speak.


You too?


That’s not a flaw. But to get the respect, trust, and promotions we want at work, we do need to make our voices heard.

Hi, I’m Lenka, an ACC certified coach and I help professionals who struggle with low confidence and overwhelm in their jobs, who worry about making mistakes and not meeting expectations, who give themselves hard time over not showing up 'better' or 'learning faster', who struggle with speaking up in groups and often second-guess themselves … to give themselves a BREAK... 

...and build the confidence and self-support to walk into the office feeling like the valuable, competent professionals they are - and most of all - feel empowered, calm and happy about themselves.


I know how you feeL...

Even though you work hard and over-deliver every time, you...

  • Are still afraid that you are not meeting expectations or do not know 'enough'

  • Care too much about what others think of you and dread negative feedback (so you make sure you do everything right to avoid being criticised)

  • Struggle with speaking up in larger groups (what if you say something wrong? What if you say something 'stupid'? What if you accidentally offend someone?)

  • You constantly replay scenarios in your head and beat yourself up over not showing up 'better'. You can’t stop thinking about what you could have/should have said or done


I've been there...

I changed my job 4 times and every time I felt insecure; like I didn’t know what I was doing, like I didn’t belong there, like I didn't know enough, like I needed to prove myself. With the change of job, I also changed countries, so the feeling of ‘being out of place’ or needing to prove myself was even stronger. It was hard to speak up in meetings because I often felt that I didn’t know enough to contribute. I was afraid that I would say something stupid and others would wonder how I even got the job. Even though I was getting positive feedback from my manager and colleagues I worked with, I never felt quite satisfied with myself. I felt like I was not doing enough, not knowing enough or not contributing enough. I felt overwhelmed with little time or energy for myself at the end of the day. 


I wanted to feel more confident, calm and focused, and most of all, I wanted to feel relaxed and good about myself.


I’ve dedicated the past decade of my life to exploring different ways of becoming more confident, connecting more easily with different people and expressing myself freely. The key advise I found was to: 

“Get out of your comfort zone and do what scares you!”

I’m here to tell you:

there is one essential part


I believe that true confidence and feeling good about yourself doesn’t start with what you do out there, but your

relationship with yourself.

Learning to trust yourself, being on your own side, honouring your feelings and yourself has a direct positive impact on your confidence and happiness level.

Being on your side doesn’t mean you will never feel discomfort again. HOWEVER, fear will no longer stop you from showing up as YOU, speaking up, taking risks, putting yourself out there and being seen for the amazing smart woman that you are (and feel like her too). 

My happy ending (and maybe yours too)

I still experience discomfort and fear in new situations and feel the urge to do more. BUT I am very conscious of it and aware that it is only the old pattern kicking in and I can move to the relaxed and confident version of myself whenever I choose to. I can stay calm and focused. I can keep on going despite the discomfort, need for perfectionism and fear of making mistakes or judgment.


And most importantly, in moments I feel down - I am there for myself. 

These two superpowers: embracing discomfort and being on my own side make me feel like I can achieve anything I set my mind to. AND I AM SURE THAT SO CAN YOU!

who am i on paper

  • I am an ACC certified coach and a graduate from MMS Worldwide Institute coach certification program. I had the honour to learn from the best of the best - the ‘mother of coaching’ and the founder of MMS Worldwide Institute, Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, Ph.D., MCC. 

  • I have a master in HR with 10 years of HR experience ranging from recruitment through SAP-SuccessFactors - HR cloud solution implementation to training and learning and development in international organisations. For the past 8 years, I have lived and worked abroad in cross-cultural teams.

  • I am an Insights Discovery Licensed Practitioner and I help my clients understand their own behavioural preferences and those of their colleagues so that they can become more productive and create effective work relationships, even across virtual boundaries. 

  • I have applied all techniques and tools that I am working with and I stand by them 100% as they worked miracles for me and my clients. I am excited to see their benefits for you... 

000_002_Discovery with Globe.jpg

random facts about me

I love backpacking and going back to basics when travelling. On a trip to Nepal I really enjoyed living out of one small backpack for two weeks, taking random showers. Not sure if my co-travellers felt the same way though.

I hate wind (combined with rain), for me it is the worst weather combination ever. I am no fun to be around when that is going on. Brrrrr...

It took me 4 years to 'learn' and enjoy riding my race bike. Even now, I get so nervous before the first ride of the season that I procrastinate doing it. Once I do, I feel amazing (especially once I arrive home :)

I love peanuts, especially those that I can crack out of a shell. I had a serious obsession with them a few years ago. My husband even came up with a nick-name for me then - he started calling me a nut-cracker. 


enough about me.
I cannot wait to get to know you and help you start your workweek feeling great about yourself!

Learn about my One-on-One programmes and hop on a FREE consultation call.

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