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WHAT my clients SAy

The Netherlands

I thought the sessions were really great!! 

I struggled with perfectionism, being afraid of making mistakes, dealing with feedback, speaking up in meetings or to my manager.


I feel more confident, take things lighter and it is easier now to shake things off that happen at work - getting (negative) feedback, having a discussion with my boss or not letting go of things that I feel I still need to finish. By observing my thoughts and treating them differently, I feel happier and more light-hearted than I did before.


Thanks to the coaching sessions with Lenka, I started to realise that working in a new team, I shouldn’t see others as competition but rather focus on working together and accomplishing things together. It is easier for me to communicate within the team and I am less afraid of making mistakes.


I struggled with low confidence, not daring to speak up, feeling stressed and overwhelmed. 

The coaching with Lenka was very beneficial and I learned a lot. I really benefited from having pragmatic and clearly defined actions to help me drive real change. It turned it from a theoretical exercise into a true mindset shift. I now take time every evening to reflect on the day and to feel good about some aspects of my day. 


I am more confident and more relaxed, better equipped to handle challenges and more compassionate with myself. 

I would absolutely recommend working with Lenka for her very pleasant personality, high sensitivity, very supportive and encouraging approach, combined with very effective coaching. 

Slovakia | Austria

I struggled with lack of confidence, self-discipline, efficiency and procrastination. 

I gained valuable insight into what triggers some of my actions and reactions, that I probably wouldn't have discovered otherwise.  

I am more aware how even small changes in my routine influence my day and my mindset. I have realised that relaxation is necessary to balance out hard work and extensive thinking. 

I am more aware of my schedule, habits and behavioural patters and where they stem from. I feel an increase in confidence and self-trust to handle things, also a decrease in looking at the opinion of others. 

I would recommend working with Lenka for her friendly, empathetic and professional approach. 

Morroco | The Netherlands

I wasn’t sure about next step in my career. I did not know if I wanted to continue in my field or change it completely and if so, what should I do next? I was searching for my purpose and for that thing that would give me butterflies in my stomach again!

Thanks to coaching, I know what gives me energy and therefore it was easier to link that to a sector/department. 

I’m feeling more confident at work, I built a network of colleagues who can support me learn and grow towards my dream job and I know what can boost my energy, which is something that popped up during the coaching.

The next steps in my professional life became much clearer. I put a plan to bring me from where I am today to where I want to be in the future.



My mind and my heart are in the same place now. I know I am no longer “lost” which helps me stay focus in executing my plans.

The Netherlands

I struggled with wanting to do everything, help everyone and not being able to prioritise enough. Working from home for a long period of time did not give the extra energy required to start a new job.


I have started being kinder and gentler with myself and realised that nobody is pushing me. I started focusing on the things that can be done and are within my control and this started to feel more comfortable.


I became aware of my top saboteurs that keep coming back. Now I am not only aware of which saboteurs these are, I also recognise them in situations and know how to act upon them in my favour.


I noticed that some of my believes and actions were related to the more ‘junior’ version of myself whereas I am more than ready to act and also have the confidence of a more ‘senior’ version nowadays. It’s time to accept I have moved on and being comfortable with this towards others around me as well.

Greece | The United Kindgom

I had a coaching session with Lenka that was wonderful. I often feel nervous when doing a presentation at work or public speaking and my self-saboteur voice is holding back my progress. Lenka helped clarify what my objectives were, what I wanted to achieve and she was guiding me towards these goals during the entire session.


We used visualisation and imagination techniques to help me connect with my power and trust in myself whenever I feel nervous and self-sabotaging. I love how spot-on and insightful Lenka's questions were. I left the session feeling inspired, empowered and hopeful with useful takeaways to help me establish a consistent and achievable practice that will help me feel more confident and sure of myself.


I have no hesitation recommending Lenka to anyone who wants to work with their inner critic and boost their confidence.


I recently started a new role and I realised what a challenging time it is going to be and that I may need some external support. I have been working with a few coaches in the past and I always appreciated the power of coaching and its benefits.

Before starting to work with Lenka I hesitated, as I thought that I am already experienced enough and I know what I have to do. I couldn´t be more wrong! Lenka gave me a different perspective, helped me to find a direction and break bigger goals into smaller, achievable steps. I am able to manage my time better and feel more in control.


Lenka opened my eyes to things which I couldn´t spot, as I was so focused on delivering to my own expectations. She was also my accountability partner. I am truly thankful for those 5 weeks we have worked together!


The Netherlands

I sometimes struggled with decision making, being confident in making those decisions and worrying about the problems of others around me.

I feel more confident in making decisions and in stressful work related situations. I am also very happy I have developed my own "tips and tricks" to use if any of those situations happen again. 

I am very happy I chose to start my first time coaching with Lenka. She has been great!


The Netherlands

Our sessions really helped me find out what I further want in my professional career. 


Every session guided me in how to deal with different kinds of situations and problems. The most valuable thing was that she has reflected back to me what I was thinking at that moment, because it deepened my awareness and realisation of what I was really describing. 


Lenka is a great coach and I deeply value the time we've spent together and the progress she has helped me make in my life. Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful service to me. 



Already after our first session, I started to feel the progress. 


With Lenka's help, I was able to answer my own questions and understand myself better. I learned to concentrate on the right things, think positively, and stay motivated. 


She helped me fulfil my goals and become mentally more mature.


I am really glad I came across her coaching. 

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