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1:1 Coaching Programme

Learn how to create effective work relationships with anyone...

You have trouble with your boss, colleague or a person on your project and it's impacting your work and your personal mind-state too much.


You want to improve that relationship, so that you can get your point across, be taken seriously, successfully manage your project(s), perform well at work or to simply feel at ease when interacting with your 'difficult' stakeholder(s). 

having effective work relationships is one of the most important aspects in performing well, navigating through our career and feeling great at work. 

insights discovery model

I understand where you are, because I have been there myself. Years ago, I used to struggle communicating with very direct and demanding colleagues in a new project I was assigned to. I did not understand why they were being so 'rude' and 'aggressive' in their approach. I often did not know how to respond or how to create an effective working relationship with them. I felt ineffective, insecure and anxious when I was interacting with them.


Years later I came across the Insights Discovery model, which was revolutionary to me and everything suddenly made perfect sense.


The model uses 4 colour 'energies' to explain different personality types and preferred behaviours associated with them. Insights helped me understand that my experience from years ago was a result of my perception of 'how an effective working relationship should look like' was different from the perception of my stakeholders.


I could not go back in time and 'fix' that relationship, but I could start applying the model in my new working relationships. 


I was amazed how quickly I started seeing positive results, not only in being more effective in working with my stakeholders, but also in how much more at ease I felt around anyone.


One year later I became an Insights Discovery Practitioner to help others get the same positive results through applying this model. 

The 1:1 programme includes


Insights Discovery profile and coaching sessions

  • 1 x 30 minutes intake session - we will set your objectives and your ideal outcome from the programme.

  • Personalised Insights Discovery personality profile.

  • 1 x 90 minutes session - we will go through the Insights Discovery model and your profile and combine it with coaching around its application in your specific situation.

  • Additional Insights Discovery materials - relevant for your specific situation.

  • 2 x 60 minutes coaching sessions - we will dive into the application of your learning and potential challenges.

  • Written summary of key insights and action plan after each coaching session.

Additional services included

  • Email or WhatsApp support between the sessions.

  • Tailored resources to support your transformation journey.

Your estimated time commitment: max. 2 hours per week


    •    1-month after-care (email or WhatsApp) support

    •    60 minutes follow-up coaching session (within 2 months after our work together)

If this sounds like a programme you need, book a consultation call. We will get to know each other and if it is a fit, we will get you signed up.

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