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Are you ready to quit SELF-DOUBT?

and feel like that capable professional
you are?

today you:

  • struggle with low confidence and are afraid of not meeting expectations

  • struggle with speaking up in meetings, often waiting for the 'right' thing to say

  • feel stressed and overwhelmed with work

  • feel as if whatever you do, it's never enough


  • care too much what others think of you and fear getting criticised

  • are scared of making mistakes or saying something 'stupid'

  • constantly replay negative situations in your head and 'beat' yourself up over not showing up better​

you want to:

  • feel confident and in control in your job

  • feel calm and focused

  • have more trust in yourself​

  • speak up and interact with confidence around senior stakeholders

  • feel valued and be taken seriously

  • stop overthinking and doubting yourself

  • have more time for yourself and family

  • have a better work-life-balance

  • feel happy and satisfied with yourself



I help smart professionals like YOU to feel confident, calm and focused in their jobs, so that they can 'walk into the office' feeling valuable, competent and confident and make themselves heard.

My clients are from various countries across Europe at different stages in their career. Some have started in a new company or changed role and responsibilities in their current company. Others want to take a next career step or are just entering into their professional life.

What connects them is that in essence they all want the same thing - to feel more confident, in control and relaxed at work. Most of all, they want to feel happy with themselves.


You may be wondering, what does she know and how can she help me?


Well, I am YOU and I’ve been there too...




1:1 Online Coaching Programmes


designed to create a transformational change in your life. They are aimed at helping you gain a deeper awareness of your limiting beliefs, build self-trust, and design specific actions toward your dream career and life.

Outstanding Working Relationships


Get your personalized Insights Discovery Profile and gain a deeper awareness of your behavioral preferences in interactions with others. Through Insights Discovery Model learn to recognize the preferences of others and how to proactively use your own profile to create outstanding working relationships with anyone.

Insights discovery model

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free confidence building kit

Ongoing support


Get the most out of the FREE content designed to support you in your career transitions, and growing confidence. 

good news

There is a way out. You do not need to struggle alone any longer. In fact, you do not need to struggle AT ALL. I know that you CAN ABSOLUTELY BREAK-FREE, if you set your mind to it.

It’s time to quit the overthinking and self-doubt and start feeling like that competent, capable professional you are…

In my coaching, I spend a lot of time on building self-awareness that helps my clients gain clarity, which we then use for developing specific strategies and tools that help them move forward. They create a 'mental self-care toolkit', which helps them feel more happy, relaxed and more compassionate with themselves. Most importantly, they can use it long after our work together is done. I highly value trust and safety for my clients and I make sure to build that before we embark on the coaching journey together. 

My coaching is supported by the Insights Discovery model, which brings a deep understanding and awareness of my clients' behavioural preferences as well as the preferences of people around them. This unlocks new ways of seeing how other people interact and it helps them build more effective and positive work relationships.  

I believe that awareness is a key that opens doors to real transformation. Together with kindness and self-support it unlocks the inner power and activates deep confidence.

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